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Riana Mouton: Word-in-Song Ministries
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Riana Mouton

Word-in-Song  Ministries

And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who are the called
according to His purpose.


Riana Mouton had a passion to sing for King Jesus since she was very small. She did very well at talent competitions such as Radio Pretoria's "Musiek en Liriek" and Radio Pulpit's "Tehilah". Riana toured as a member of the international group "The Continentals", as well as the well loved "Jubelatum Singers" where she recorded her very first CD. Then the doors started to open for a solo career in singing and
preaching the Word of God.

Riana's first solo album "Niemand soos HY", was recorded in 2011 and ever since she has not only travelled thousands of kilometres across South Africa to spread the Gospel of Hope and Love, but she is also part of several compilation albums.

Shortly after her brand new solo CD "Maak 'n VERSKIL" was released, she started working on two more compilation albums.

Riana's music is still broadcasted on numerous radio stations and her music videos are shown on Kruiskyk TV and on the KykNet Music channel.

On the album "Maak 'n VERSKIL", you will find the hit song "KROKODIL" which Riana wrote for Rooies Strauss. This song has been played for a while on Kruiskyk TV.
Riana also had the privilege to sing a duet on this CD, with the well known and loved Willie Botha.

Riana shares songs from her own heart and from her own pen on the CD - "Maak 'n VERSKIL". Each song carries a message that speaks of God's perfection and unfailing love in our weaknesses and imperfections.

With a fitting title song, such as "Maak 'n VERSKIL" (Make a DIFFERENCE), Riana is encouraging all children of God to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to make use of this anointed ministry, or if you're planning any kind of church service, ladies' tea, midweek gathering, a youth outreach, a function for your elderly, a festival or any kind of assembly, please contact Riana. Her songs cover a wide range songs that young and old can relate to.

Posters are available beforehand if you would like to use some at the event where Riana will participate. Just send an email request or phone if you want some posters. Other media resources are also available at the Media Portal.

It is Riana's passion and heart's desire that through her singing and ministry, broken and hopeless people will see the path to God's throne; that they will leave all their sorrows at Jesus' feet and surrender their lives anew to Him. So that people will understand who and what we are in Christ, that the price was paid and that there is no end to His great Love. Only then can we wholeheartedly run this race of life.

In Riana's own words:
"I hope when others look at me, they will see an ordinary person just like them, with the same problems and the same challenges, BUT that they will also see that our Father sees our hearts and our willingness to make a difference for Him in this world. The Lord is able to also work a wonderful miracle in your life".






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