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Events 2011

Wonderful highlights for Riana Mouton in 2011

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Riana Mouton at the Springs State Theatre, with the shooting of the DVD
"Willie en Vriende Volume 3" in 2011


Riana Mouton received a 2nd place trophy from the "Musiek en Liriek"
competition 2011, at the gala evening at the Atterbury Theatre


The "Musiek en Liriek" trophy Riana won in the 2011 competition


Riana Mouton: Taking photos for the CD cover for her debut album
"Niemand soos Hy" in 2011

Saturday November 26 Riana visits Radio Pulpit for an interview for the introduction of her debut album "Niemand soos HY". The following songs are included in this interview:
Staan by jou More about this song
Ken jy die Heilige Gees More about this song

Interviews with Riana MoutonThe interview is about 30 minutes

Most of the songs heard on radio and TV are already available on CDs, DVDs or music videos. Visit Riana's online shop at: rmouton.dieknoop.org to buy the items. Easy download options are also available.





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