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Riana Mouton's Photo Gallery

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
John 8:36

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Pieter and Riana Mouton's wedding day
1 March 2008

Riana's trophy won at the
"Musiek en Liriek" competition 2011

Hannes van Wyk, Riana Mouton,
Willie Botha and Celia Zietsman


Riana Mouton at the recording of the CD "Maak 'n verskil" at Crystal Music, with backing singers Celia Zietsman and Hannes van Wyk.

Riana Mouton during the shooting of the music video "Krokodil",
released in 2015

Riana Mouton during the shooting of the photos for her debut CD cover "Niemand soos Hy" released in 2011

Riana Mouton with her brother
Johann Habig on the set of Musiek Fokus, shooting for Kruiskyk TV,
with Ronel Hartman as presenter

Riana Mouton's brother Johann Habig,
is also a brilliant singer,
songwriter and musician

The 11 year old Riana Mouton and her brother, Johann Habig with wellk know and lovely Min Shaw
A 14 year old Riana Mouton with her brother, Johann Habig and comedian, actor and musician, Al Debbo

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Sitemap Werfkaart Home/TuisUp/OpMore about RianaRepertoireTestimonyCDs and DVDsSongsLyricsVideosGuest ArtistsPhotosEventsInquiriesContact Media

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