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But ye shall receive power, after that the
Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
Acts 1:8

Riana has a lovely versatile program, perfectly appropriate for many special events. Read more at Repertoire to obtain a fuller review of the kinds of songs in her presentations.

When the opportunity presents itself, Riana gives careful considerations to invitations and has a country wide mission throughout South Africa. She also participates in special events such as gala receptions, sacred church or opening services, funerals, sports or other school gatherings, art exhibits, feasts and carnivals, anniversaries, weddings and many similar events.

Riana has a rather full calendar. Thus, contact her well in advance to make a reservation for your very special event to avoid disappointment. In order for arrangements to be made, it is expedient to confirm the appointment via email as soon as possible.

Riana is available for service or functions any day of the week and the hall, church space, stage, room or area where the event must take place, don't need any special appliances. A power point, is however important.

Contact Riana via email as soon as possible when you want to make an appointment. Her fees are more than fair as well as negotiable.

Do you want to meet Riana in person or see her during a show? Then look at her most current Calendar to see where she will be visiting in the upcoming months. The latest appointments for events are at Riana's Internet Shop.

Please use Requests if you would like to send an invitation from this site and supply the following information with as much detail as possible:

1. The DATE of the event
2. The PLACE where the event will take place
3. The NAME of the person who arranges the event
4. One or two email addresses where you can be contacted
5. A telephone number where you can be contacted
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